Big thank you to our sponsors

Without them we could not have an easter tournament like this.


The best beer. Plain and simple. There really is no point discussing this. fact. Can you imagine an ester tournament without Grolsch?

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Tjep's digital agency

Tjep's creates websites, like this one for the easter tournament. But also webshops, applications...if it is online, it's their business

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Café Middeloo

Driehuis has got Middeloo. Iconic, cosy and in the center of the village. Middeloo has captured the hearts of anyone who grew up in the area.

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Beelen became in 15 years the largest and most sustainable contractor in the demolition business and has a well established name.

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VBK Groep

De VBK Groep takes care of full service projects in construction and infrastructure. From design to execution. VBK believes strongly in building togethe with partners towards a common goal.


Hans Weeren

The cleaning business is all about people. But of course we also invest in the latest technology. And Strawberries? We'll get that cleaned up as well.

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Lindhout event productions

Another specialist in great parties.We already look forward to what's coming next!

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Westhof licht, geluid, beeld

The best parties have a combo of great people, great music and kick ass lighting effects.

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Boonekamp Drankengroothandel

Of course it's a hockey tournament. But an easter tournament without beer, wine, flügel...

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